1. Always be critical. Don’t just automatically accept the verdicts of ‘authorities’.

  2. Like it or not, people are part of a greater whole. If we destroy the world, we destroy ourselves.

  3. As long as they do not try to inhibit the freedom of people who think differently to them and regard their own opinions as true and absolute, debating -with anyone- is worthwhile.

  4. Don’t just help yourself but also help other people when days are dark. Enlightenment is about including

  5. Don’t be dogmatic. An open dialogue with a free exchange of ideas and views, is enriching.

  6. Enlightenment is based on freedom, equality and solidarity. This means, among other things, respect for others.

  7. Freedom of speech is not a licence to insult. This may well seem morally correct but it is not viewed that way legally: according to the European Convention on Human Rights, freedom of speech also includes the right to insult.

  8. Develop a critical attitude, but start with yourself.

  9. Spirituality, a form of belief that does not involve absolute truths, can provide meaning.

  10. Even if this test was scientifically valid, it would be a mistake to accept it unthinkingly. What you regard as true or valuable today might be quite different tomorrow. After all, Enlightenment starts with a critical attitude and a healthy dose of doubt.

  11. Maybe you’ve got different ideas on what Enlightenment means.
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