Crowdfunding campaign
To produce The Enlightenment we need 250 orders. Or to be more accurate; as many orders to produce 250 copies of The Enlightenment (Per order you can purchase up to 4 copies). The crowdfunding campaign will run untill we’ve reached 250 orders.

TAKE NOTICE, that after we’ve reached the conditions for production (250 orders or any other financial source), we still have a production time of at least 2 months. After that we will start the delivery.

The price is € 79,00 per lamp for the first 150 orders.
After that the price will be € 89,00 per lamp.
Per order you can purchase up to 4 copies.
The price does not include carriage costs.

You can order through this website under Order and follow the given steps
You can pay by ‘IDEAL’ (national) or ‘Paypal (international)’
Your order will be confirmed by e-mail.

Our general conditions (PDF) –sorry, they're in Dutch– apply to orders.

Carriage costs
Delivery in The Netherlands costs € 10. For delivery outside The Netherlands take notice of the tariffs foreign countries (PDF).

More than 4 copies?
For ordering more than 4 copies we request you to contact us. We will be happy to quote you a price including carriage costs to your home address.

Privacy policy
Studiomeiboom respects the privacy of all users of its site and observes the legal requirements regarding this.

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