In many countries the lights can go out when you are ‘enlightened'. It is quite normal to be nonreligious in the Netherlands. But in Bangladesh, for example, it is not. An atheist blogger in that country can be sentenced to death for criticising Islam. The same is true in another 12 countries. To the humanist this is unacceptable, and this is why the Dutch Humanist Association works with international partners to fight for freedom of opinion and expression around the world. As a part of that fight they are raising awareness among politicians, critical newspaper readers and embassies about a report on the treatment of nonreligious people around the world. This report is entitled ‘Freedom of Thought’. The Dutch Humanist Association has also made a documentary entitled ‘Onder Ongelovigen’ (Among Non Believers), which gives a voice to nonreligious people who have experienced persecution and discrimination.

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There is, however, so much more for the Dutch Humanist Association to do! It aims to give people who cannot freely express their views in their own country an opportunity to do so on a new digital platform. And this costs money. Lots of money. For that reason, € 8 from every sale of ‘The Enlightenment’ will be donated to the international platform. So, not only do you bring enlightenment to yourself when you buy a copy, but to many others besides.

Would you like to know more about what we do at the Dutch Humanist Association? Or would you like to join? Go to humanisme.nu

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