LampThere are a lot of books about The Enlightenment, but none of them actually provide light. Studiomeiboom has combined this idea into a lamp which is in the form of a book. Not a heavy book, a light book. Not a book of absolute truths. It is, however, a book which sets you thinking but which does not tell you what to do. A book which will not only help you in dark days but other people as well. When you buy a copy of The Enlightenment you are supporting an international digital platform that will be set up by the Dutch Humanist Association to promote freedom of speech. This platform makes it possible for bloggers whose lives may be at risk in their own countries to voice their concerns to a global audience. And so make the future a little brighter for many others.

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To produce The Enlightenment we need 250 orders. For more details on the crowdfunding campaign, go to Ordering info.

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